Hebrus sp.

Velvet Water Bug

Hebrus sp., Velvet Water Bug, West Virginia image, dorsal view


Family: Hebridae

Subfamily: Hebrinae

Tribe: Hebrini

Length: 3 mm and smaller in the family


These diminutive bugs are densely pubescent; the velvety hairs have a water-repellant quality. The bugs are able to walk on the water's surface, and on underwater plants.

Bugs in the family Hebridae somewhat resemble those in Veliidae, but the former group has apical claws, a prominent scutellum, and have a groove for the rostrum on the ventral surface of the head.

Most commonly Velvet Water Bugs are found on damp detritus on the shore of ponds or rivers, and on mats of floating plants.

The 1988 catalog of True Bugs of Canada and the United States lists 12 species of Hebrus, distributed across North America. The catalog lists three genera in the family; the other two are Merragata and the monotypic Lipogomphus (Henry and Froeschner, 1988).

Photo location: Holly River State Park, West Virginia.

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