Hesus humeralis

Mezirine Flat Bugs

Hesus humeralis Heiss, Aradidae


Family: Aradidae

Subfamily: Mezirinae

Length: 9.5 - 12.5 mm


The genus Hesus is a small one, containing only six species, all of them Neotropical. The genus ranges from Mexico and the Caribbean islands south to Brazil and Bolivia.

Heiss (2009) described Hesus humeralis from an Ecuador specimen.  It is somewhat similar to H. cordatus, but has more angular humeri, and unicolorous legs and antennae. The cited article features a key and color photographs.

Photo location for the upper two photos: Montsinéry, French Guiana.

Determined by Dr. Ernst Heiss, Innsbruck, Austria.

Hesus humeralis, flat bug photo from French Guiana

The photo below was taken along the Rio Negro, Amazonas state, Brazil.

Hesus humeralis, flat bug image from Brazil

Range map for Hesus humeralism, flat bug

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