Jadera cf. coturnix

Serinethine Scentless Plant Bugs

Jadera cf. coturnix, Scentless Plant Bugs, image from Honduras

Family: Rhopalidae

Subfamily: Serinethinae


In North America the two genera in subfamily Serinethinae are Boisea (two species, Boisea trivittata and B. rubrolineata) and Jadera.

Jadera species have their ranges primarily in the Neotropics; the most northerly species in the genus is Jadera haematoloma which ranges from Illinois and Kansas south to Colombia and Venezuela. A couple of other species cross into the far-southern United States at the northern edge of their ranges.

Members of the subfamily Serinethinae are typically associated with plants in the Soapberry family, or other plants in the Order Sapindales.

The species pictured here appears to be Jadera coturnix, which was called J. aeola until recently, and so appears by that name in most scientific references.

Photo location: the lodge just outside Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.

Determined by Dr. Scott P. Carroll, University of California, Davis.

Scentless Plant Bug, Jadera cf. coturnix, Honduras photo

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