Leptoglossus oppositus

Leaffooted Bug

Leptoglossus oppositus, Leaffooted Bug, Coreidae




Family: Coreidae

Subfamily: Coreinae

Tribe: Anisoscelini

Length: typically 17 - 18 mm



A couple of related species have a white transverse stripe on the corium near the insect's midpoint, but in Leptoglossus oppositus this stripe has been reduced to several small spots. This species has numerous teeth on the ventral surface of the hind femur, and the hind tibia has a wide flange that is prominently indented. The flange typically has a small white spot.

Leaf-footed Bug, Leptoglossus oppositus, family Coreidae

Leptoglossus oppositus, Leaffooted Bugs, subfamily Coreinae

Range map, Leptoglossus oppositus

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