Liorhyssus hyalinus

Hyaline Grass Bug
Liorhyssus hyalinus, Scentless Plant Bug

Family: Rhopalidae

Subfamily: Rhopalinae

Tribe: Rhopalini

Length: 5.5 - 7.0 mm


The coloration of Liorhyssus hyalinus varies from individual to individual, but the apex of the corium is often red.  The specific epithet refers to the hyaline membranous wings.

This species is usually found on grasses and other flowering plants.  The one shown here was feeding on a fleabane.

Liorhyssus hyalinus, Rhopalid Plant Bug

The map below indicates the New World records for Liorhyssus hyalinus. The species has also been reported from Africa, Asia, and from Pacific islands.

Range map, Liorhyssus hyalinus

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