Merocoris distinctus

Leaffooted Bug

Merocoris distinctus, Leaffooted Bug in family Coreidae

Family: Coreidae

Subfamily: Meropachyinae

Tribe: Merocorini

Length: 7.5 - 9.0 mm


Not many other Nearctic members of the family Coreidae are this small. The head is somewhat squarish and much of the insect's dorsal surface is covered with matted, light-colored hairs.

While Merocoris distinctus is usually taken on flowers such as goldenrods, Slater (1978) mentions one record of a number of these insects feeding on a dead chicken. The bug shown here was photographed on scat at Pleasant Creek Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia.

Of the members of the tribe Merocorini, all are strictly Neotropical except those in the genus Merocoris, which is found both in the Neotropics and the Nearctic.

Leaf-footed Bug, Merocoris distinctus

Range map, Merocoris distinctus

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