Microvelia sp.

Smaller Water Striders

Microvelia sp., adult Small Water StriderMicrovelia sp., image of Smaller Water Strider

Family: Veliidae

Subfamily: Microveliinae

Length: 2.0 - 2.5 mm


The Microvelia are conical at the front and have coarsely granulate eyes. The legs are short but stout. The front tarsi have two segments, while the middle and hind tarsi have three. The various species have both a winged and a wingless form.

The inveterate Heteropterophile J. R. de la Torre-Bueno wrote in 1923 about this genus:

"Be it pond, lake or stream, it is always possible to secure these tiny beings hiding among the grasses or walking about the banks or stalking their game on the green fields of duck-weed floating on some placid pool. As regards wing length the members of this genus are dimorphic, or even polymorphic, and the winged and wingless forms are so notably different that they have frequently been taken for distinct species" (quoted in Blatchley, 1926).

Microvelia sp., front of head

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