Parabrochymena arborea

Arboreal Stink Bug

Parabrochymena arborea, Rough Stink Bug in tribe Halyini



Family: Pentatomidae

Subfamily: Pentatominae

Tribe: Halyini

Length: Males 12.0 - 15.5 mm. Females 13.5 - 17.25 mm


Larivière (1992) erected the genus Parabrochymena as the new repository for what had been a species group within the genus Brochymena.

Two researchers who reopened the question of the new genus did agree with Larivière that Parabrochymena is a valid taxon, but stated that the two genera are more clearly separated by genital characteristics than by such traits as pronotal spines and humeral angles (McPherson and Ahmad, 1998, 2007).

Nevertheless, as a generalization it is safe to say that one key trait is that in Parabrochymena the humeral angles are approximately quadrate rather than triangular.

Parabrochymena, anterior view, Rough Stink Bug in family Pentatomidae

For people who live east of Texas, there is only one species of Parabrochymena to be found: the one shown on this page, Parabrochymena arborea.

Adults of this species may be found in almost any month, but they are most active out in the open from April thorough late June, and again in September and October.

One author, Torre-Bueno in 1908, succeeded in rearing this species indoors on "bush bean." Adults have been found on a variety of trees, though most often on Black Walnut and on fruit trees such as Pear, Peach, and Crabapple.

Eggs, nymphs, and adults are parasitized by various Tachinid flies and by wasps.

Parabrochymena arborea, lateral view, Pentatomidae

Range map, Parabrochymena arborea

The Mexican state reporting this species is Oaxaca.

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