Stink Bugs

Family Pentatomidae

Stink Bugs are often large, often colorful, and tend to attract notice. They also attract notice for their economic importance, with some species noted for gobbling up agricultural pest species, and others famous for gobbling up farmers' crops.

The common name of the family derives from the defensive chemicals these bugs manufacture and release for defense. Researchers have demonstrated the usefulness of these chemicals in deterring the stink bugs' enemies, and some have asserted that the chemicals can even harm would-be predators. Still other reserachers believe the chemicals serve primarily as a pheremone used to sound the alarm, or to spark aggregation (McPherson, 1982).

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Antiteuchus sp.
Antiteuchus sp.
Cataulax pudens
Podisus aenescens
Podisus brevispinus
Podisus maculiventris
Chlorocoris distinctus
Euschistus cf. heros
Euschistus servus
Euschistus sp.
Euschistus sp.
Euschistus tristigmus
Brochymena quadripustulata
Parabrochymena arborea
Mormidea cf. ypsilon
Mormidea lugens
Pellaea stictica
Proxys albopunctulatus or victor
Sibaria sp.
Trichopepla cf. atricornis
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