Phlegyas abbreviatus

Short-winged Seed Bug

phlegyas-abbreviatus, bug in family Pachygronthidae


Family: Pachygronthidae

Subfamily: Pachygronthinae

Tribe: Teracriini

Length: 3-5 mm


Phlegyas abbreviatus overwinters as an adult, and thus can be found in the cold months in sheltered places. From spring to fall it is found among weeds and grasses and flowers.

This species is variable as to color and markings, and also there is both a short-winged form and a much scarcer long-winged form.

In his article "Notes sur la Biologie de la Punaise Abrégée, Phlegyas abbreviatus," Jean-François Roch (1992) reported the favored habit of the species as dry fields. Roch found mating pairs in his Quebec study area from May 22 to July 21, then found two teneral adults on August 11. Roch stated his belief that the species is univoltine in Quebec.


Pachygronthidae bug, Phlegyas abbreviatus

Phlegyas abbreviatus, bug in the family Pachygronthidae

Map, Phlegyas abbreviatus

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