Pseudopachybrachius basalis

Rhyparochromid Seed Bug

Pseudopachybrachius basalis, Seed Bug




Family: Rhyparochromidae

Subfamily: Rhyparochrominae

Tribe: Myodochini

Length: 3.5 - 4.6 mm


This small bug is dark toward the front and light toward the rear. The margin of the corium is pale the whole length. While the corium is largely pale, the punctures there are dark brown.

Like other members of the genus, Pseudopachybrachius basalis has "double ranked" spines on the front tibiae (Slater and Baranowski, 1990).

The preferred habitat of this species is grassy meadows, particularly where Panic grasses are growing.

Pseudopachybrachius basalis has an enormous range, as the maps below show.

Countries map, Pseudopachybrachius basalis

Map, Pseudopachybrachius basalis

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