Stenomacra marginella

Bordered Plant Bug


Family: Largidae

Subfamily: Larginae

Length in genus: 12.5 - 15.0


Stenomacra is a primarily Neotropical genus containing eight species.

Stenomacra marginella is variable and there are several recognized color varieties; several varieties may be present in a single population. Typically the following structures are black or dark brown: the antennae, the rostrum, the tibiae, and the tarsi. Among the yellow-orange to orange structures are the antenniferous tubercules, the pronotal margins, the corium's costal margin, the apex of the scutellum, and the coxae (Brailovsky and Mayorga, 1997).

The range of S. marginella is from California to New Mexico, south through Central America to Colombia and Brazil.

Photo location: El Hato, north of Antigua, Guatemala.

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