Evaniella sp.

Ensign Wasp / Hatchet Wasp

Evaniella sp., ensign wasp, Uruguay photo


Family: Evaniidae

Subfamily: Evaniinae


The family Evaniidae is essentially cosmopolitan. In the New World, these wasps are found from the northern United States south to Chile and Argentina. The New World fauna contains three genera in the Nearctic, and those same three plus four others in the Neotropics.

Genus Evaniella is found from the southern half of the U.S. to southern South America.

Wasps in this family develop in the oothecae (egg cases) of cockroaches.

Photo data: 9 December 2019. Along Arroyo de las Víboras, Colonia, Uruguay.

GPS coordinates: -33.9067, -58.2620. Elevation 5 meters above sea level.

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