Exomalopsis cf. bruesi

Apine Bee

Exomalopsis cf. bruesi, bee image from Paracas, coastal Peru

Family: Apidae

Subfamily: Apinae

Tribe: Exomalopsini

Length: insect in the photo 7 mm


Bees in tribe Exomalopsini typically are very hairy and have bands of light-colored hairs on the dorsum. The head is narrow, viewed laterally. The scopa is large, plumose, and usually bi-colored. Most bees in the tribe are ground-nesters (Griswold, et al., in Hanson and Gauld, 2006).

Female bees of Exomalopsis and related genera construct yellow, loaf-shaped food masses. Larva feed on the loaves creating characteristic channels (Rozen 1997).

Members of genus Exomalopsis (as well as Augochloropsis) are the chief pollinators of star fruit. These bees also gather pollen and pollinate tomatoes and other Solanum spp. by vibrating the flower's anthers.

Photo data: 5 January 2012. Paracas, Pisco province, Peru.

Determined by Dr. John S. Ascher.

Exomalopsis cf. bruesi, Bee photo from coastal Peru