Formica (Pallidefulva) incerta

Formica Ants

Formica incerta image from American Insects site


Family: Formicidae

Subfamily: Formicinae

Tribe: Formicini


Ants in the genus Formica are found worldwide; in North America are about 100 species.

The Formica incerta in the photo are visiting an extrafloral nectary on patridge pea (Chamaecrista fasciculata). The ant at upper right has its head over the disc-shaped nectary.

Formica (Pallidefulva) incerta has been recorded from Ontario to Maine, and south to Kanasas and North Carolina. The map at the bottom of this page shows in blue-green the states and province with records of this species.

Photo data: 29 July 2011. Puccoon Prairie, Polk County, Iowa. This photo is from a field trip at the
BugGuide annual gathering.

Determined by Dr. James C. Trager.

Range map for Formica incerta