Red-headed Polybia Wasp

Polybia ruficeps

Polybia ruficeps, Red-headed Polybia, wasp photo from Paraguay


Family: Vespidae

Subfamily: Polistinae


The amount of red on the head in Polybia ruficeps is variable; the head is often less red in Paraguay and Argentina.

Photo data: 30 November 2012. Filadelfia, BoquerĂ³n department, Paraguay. This wasp was collecting fibers from a cactus spine.

GPS data: -22.347, -60.033. Elevation 139 meters.

Determined by Leopoldo Castro, Spain.

Red-headed Polybia Wasp, Polybia ruficeps, image from the Gran Chaco
Paraguay wasp photo, Polybia ruficeps, the Red-head Polybia