Atteva zebra

Zebra Webworm Moth

Zebra Webworm Moth, Atteva zebra, Costa Rica photo


Family: Yponomeutidae

Subfamily: Attevinae

Tribe: Attevini

Length: 20 -25 mm


Atteva is a genus found in tropical areas of the world (50 species worldwide, of which 15 are found in the New World).  It is an interesting genus in which the markings (together with range) are enough to determine the species, while the genitalia are not useful for identification.  Though a strikingly handsome moth, A. zebra was not described until 1967.  First collected at the Smithsonian field station at Barro Colorado in Panama in 1964, Costa Rica is the only other nation to yield records of this species.  A species with similar but paler markings was described from Brazil in 1991 as A. zebrina; A. zebrina is also much shorter.

Photo location: Tuis, Cartago, Costa Rica.


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