Family Elachistidae

Grass Miner Moths

Elachistid Moths are quite small, with a wingspan of 6 - 11 mm. Often their colors are drab with spots or dashes of a constrasting color. Wings typically are lanceolate. It is not always easy to separate moths in this family from those in related families from a photograph alone; the key characteristics have to do largely with details of the wing cells.

The larvae of a majority of species are leaf-miners.

Many species pupate in a mesh-like cocoon. Others pupate without a cocoon, with a silk "girdle" around the middle attaching the naked pupa to the plant or other substrate (Covell, 2005).

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Agonopterix canadensis
Antaeotricha schlaegeri
Bibarrambla allenella
Scythropiodes issikii
Ethmia semitenebrella
Stenoma byssina
Poss. Stenoma sp.

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