Family Gracillariidae

Leaf Blotch Miner Moths

Leaf blotch miner moths have a wingspan as small as 4 mm, and seldom exceed a 15 mm span. The labial palps are slender, 3-segmented, and point forward, sometimes forward and upward. The maxillary palps are 4-segmented. Tibial spurs are lacking on the front legs, but they are present on the middle (two spurs) and back (four spurs) legs.

The larvae of some species make inflated blotch-mines in leaves, and may partially line the mine with silk. Some make serpentine mines. Other begin life as leaf miners, and later emerge and fold the leaf to make a shelter. A majority of species mine in woody plants, but some are found in herbacous ones (Arnett, 2000).

Some species are diurnal, others nocturnal.

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Caloptilia bimaculatella
Caloptilia packardella
Caloptilia serotinella
Caloptilia stigmatella
Acrocercops astericola