Family Hesperiidae

Skippers, page 1

Skippers are sometimes said to exhibit some traits of butterflies, and some of moths. They are day-flying, and have tend to have antennae that are hook-shaped at the tips. In a majority of species of Skippers the predominant colors are browns and oranges. Many species hold their forewings in a different plane from the hind wings, so that all four wings are sticking out in various directions.

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Bolla cf. cupreiceps
Erynnis baptisiae
Erynnis horatius
Erynnis juvenalis
Heliopetes arsalte
Phocides polybius
Pyrgus communis
Pyrgus oileus
Pyrgus sp.
Pythonides sp.
Anatrytone logan
Ancyloxypha numitor
Anthoptus epictetus
Callimormus radiola
Hylephila phyleus
Poanes zabulon
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