Miresa clarissa

Slug Moth

Miresa clarissa, Slug Caterpillar Moth, Limacodidae


Family: Limacodidae

Subfamily: Limacodinae


The genus Miresa is Pantropical, with most species found in Asia. Miresa seems closely related to genus Parasa.

Miresa clarissa is present in Costa Rica, Surinam, French Guiana, and Brazil, and probably in other countries too.

Most other species of Miresa are found in Asia.

Larvae of Miresa clarissa have been collected on Ouratea hexasperma (Ochnaceae), as well as Erythroxylum tortuosum (Erythroxylaceae), and Byrsonima coccolobifolia (Malpighiaceae).

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana.

Slug Moth, Miresa clarissa, family Limacodidae

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