Parasa chloris

Smaller Parasa

Parasa chloris, Slug Caterpillar Moths, Limacodidae


Family: Limacodidae

Subfamily: Limacodinae

Wingspan: 18 - 27 mm


The larva of Parasa chloris are humpbacked slug caterpillars with a fleshy, flattened "tail." The stinging spines are mostly retracted when the larva is feeding calmly, but "once alarmed, the fleshy warts, bearing batteries of stinging spines, are everted" (Wagner, 2005).

Larval foodplants are trees including cherry, peach, apple, oak, dogwood, elm, and birch.

The species is found in both the Nearctic and Neotropics.

Solovyev and Saldaitis (2010) stated that the genus Parasa contains about 250 pecies worldwide, most of them the tropics and subtropics. They added, "Its monophyly is not evident." It seems likely Parasa will be split into several genera, and the revision of Asian Parasa-like species is underway now.

Lateral view of Parasa chloris, Limacodidae, West Virginia image

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