Phaloe cubana

Arctiine Moth

Phaloe cubana, Arctiine Moth (Tiger Moths)


Family: Erebidae

Subfamily: Arctiinae

Tribe: Arctiini

Subtribe: Arctiina


Phaloe is a small genus of Neotropical tiger moths first described in 1831.

As one might guess from the specific epithet, Phaloe cubana was described from a type specimen collected in Cuba.

The moth shown here came to lights in a heavy rain.

Photo data: 20 December 2014. Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo, Yuctán Peninsula, Mexico.

French entomologist Félix Édouard Guérin-Méneville


French entomologist Félix Édouard Guérin-Méneville erected genus Phaloe in 1838. Guérin-Méneville is best known for his work Iconographie du Règne Animal de G. Cuvier 1829–1844, a profusely illustrated publication designed to supplement Georges Cuvier's Le Règne Animal with some 4500 additional illustrations. In his lifetime Guérin-Méneville published more than 350 papers and other works on entomology.