Prolimacodes badia

Skiff Moth

Prolimacodes badia, Skiff Moth, Limacodidae


Family: Limacodidae

Subfamily: not assigned

Wingspan: 24 - 35 mm


Larval Skiff Moths are highest at the middle and lowest at the front and back.  Unlike many of their relatives, they commonly feed on the top sides of leaves.

Also unlike many of their relatives, larval Porlimacodes badia lack stinging spines. As David L. Wagner notes, however, "If poked, the larva may exude clear droplets of fluid from ducts along the subdorsal flange" (Wagner, 2005).

Wagner also noted that adult males fly early in the evening and may be among the first moths to show up at lights.

This is a primarily Nearctic species that is found as far south as Mexico.

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