Metalmark Butterflies

Family Riodinidae

The common name "Metalmarks" refers to the beautiful metallic markings of many species in the family.

The family is most speciose in the Neotropics, but representatives are found in the Nearctic and in the Old World as well. Until relatively recently the Metalmarks were treated as a subfamily within the family Lycaenidae.

Males have reduced front legs that aren't used in walking, while the females make full use of their six legs.

In cool climates Metalmarks overwinter as caterpillars or pupae.

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Mesosemia lamachus
Mesosemia machaera
Mesosemia telegone
Anteros formosus
Aricoris propitia
Calephelis fulmen
Calephelis sp.
Calephelis sp.
Calospila cf. lucianus
Calospila emylius
Detrivora sp. or Charis sp.
Detrivora sp. or Charis sp.
Emesis cerea
Livendula sp.
Melanis smithiae
Nymphidium ascolia
Perophthalma tullius
Riodina lysippus
Setabis epitus
Stalachtis nr. calliope
Theope nycteis
Apodemia cf. duryi

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