Clearwing Moths

Family Sesiidae

Family Sesiidae is noted for having areas of the wings devoid of scales, so that many of the cells form transparent windows. This trait gives many species a wasp-like appearance.  The forewing is elongate, while the hindwing is more broad. The fore- and hindwings are held together by an area of spines that interlock.

There is sexual dimorphism in Sesiidae, with the coloration often differing between the sexes, and the males typically have larger transparent areas of the wing.

The larvae feed on the roots or the stems / trunks of various herbaceous plants or trees, and may do real economic damage to forests, orchards, and crops.

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Melittia sp.
Synanthedon acerni
Carmenta bassiformis
Carmenta ithacae
Carmenta pyralidiformis
Sesiidae unknown

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