Siederia walshella

Bagworm Moth

Siederia walshella, bagworm moth family, West Virginia photo


Family: Psychidae

Subfamily: Taleporiinae

Length: insect in photo 7.2 mm


Females of Siederia walshella are apterous. A male is shown.

The larvae of this species feed on lichens on the trunks of conifers.

Dr. Mary Jane West-Eberhard (2005) had this to say about Siederia and the related genus Dahlica:

These genera are very unusual in the Lepidoptera in that asexual reproduction has evolved repeatedly. Although moths are noted for their elaborate and often species-specific male genitalia, which are frequently used as taxonomic characters, and remating is common in Lepidoptera, the sexually reproducing species of these genera are also unusual in having relatively simple male genitalia whose morphology is not species-specific and therefore not useful in taxonomy; and there is little opportunity for sexual selection by direct female choice, since the wingless females mate only once.

Photo data: 5 April 2009. Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia.

GPS data: 39.0719, -80.2430. Elevation 384 meters above sea level.

Siederia walshella, a bagworm moth photo (adult) from West Virginia