Sphinx Moths

Family Sphingidae

Sphinx or Hawk Moths are typically large, and have the apex of the abdomen pointed.  The wings are usually narrow, and the probocis well-developed and often quite long (as in the genus Manduca which feeds on deep flowers).  Ocelli are lacking.  The antennae typically are not thickest at either end, but somewhere in the middle.

The caterpillars are usually almost naked, with perhaps just a few sparse hairs.  The presence of a horn on the larva of most species has led to another common name for the family, Hornworms.  Pupation occurs in the soil or in leaf litter.

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Agrius cingulata
Ceratomia amyntor
Ceratomia catalpae
Ceratomia undulosa
Dolba hyloeus
Lintneria merops
Manduca jasminearum
Manduca rustica
Manduca sexta
Sphinx kalmiae
Paonias myops
Adhemarius eurysthenes
Amorpha juglandis
Madoryx plutonius
Pachylia darceta
Eumorpha pandorus
Darapsa choerilus
Darapsa myron
Deidamia inscriptum
Eumorpha capronnieri
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