Metilia cf. brunneri

Dead Leaf Mantis

Metilia cf. brunneri, Dead Leaf Mantis image from French Guiana




Family: Acanthopidae

Subfamily: Acanthopinae

Tribe: Acanthopini


Only one species in genus Metilia has been described thus far.

The color of M. brunneri is greenish to brown, the surface resembling the cells and veins of a leaf.  The front femora bear 7 spines.  Metilia brunneri has been recorded from Nicaragua south to French Guiana, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

Photo location: Montagne de Kaw, French Guiana.

Determined by Julio Rivera, Royal Ontario Museum.

Note that this is both the family page for Acanthopidae and the genus page for Acanthops.

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