Panorpa florida

Florida Scorpionfly

Florida Scorpionfly, Panorpa florida, Scorpionflies in Panorpidae


Family: Panorpidae

Subfamily: Panorpinae

Length: 15.1 to wing apex


This apparently rare species was thought to be possibly extinct because of habit destruction. In 2008, however, it was seen, photographed, and reported (Somma, Cresswell, and Dunford, 2013). The photographs shown here are the first ever taken of a live example, and voucher photographs have been placed in MorphoBank under codes M152668-M152671.

The Global Conservation Status Rank of Panorpa floridana is G1, "critically imperiled." The photos shown here represent the first reported sighting in 28 years.

Photo location: Gold Head Branch State Park, Clay County, Florida. The bottom photo shown the habitat near where the Panorpa floridana photos were taken.

Florida Scorpionfly, Panorpa florida, face, Clay County

Panorpa florida, Florida Scorpionfly, lateral view

Goldhead Branch State Park habitat of Panorpa floridana

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