Owlfly, subfamily Ascalaphinae, family Ascalaphidae, image from Honduras



Family: Ascalaphidae

Subfamily: Ascalaphinae

Length: typically 40-85 mm


Owlflies lay their eggs on the ends of twigs, often on bushes near streams. Larvae live on leaves or on top of the soil, and sit motionless awaiting prey. Adults hunt on the wing.

Penny (1997) noted that some species of Owlfly have extremely short periods of daily flight, in some cases less than half an hour before dark.

Males and females sometimes have different wing markings and wing shape, and may even vary as to the length of the antennae.

Photo location: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras.



Eyes of Owlfly in subfamily Ascalaphinae

Above: A close look at the divided eyes found in subfamily Ascalaphinae

Note too the small insect dangling from the middle femur

Below: In dorsal view Owlflies resemble Odonata, but have long antennae


Owlfly from Honduras, family Ascalaphidae

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