Ceraeochrysa cf. cubana

Cuban Lacewing

Ceraeochrysa cf. cubana, Belize image


Family: Chrysopidae

Subfamily: Chrysopinae

Tribe: Chrysopini

Length: Lacewing in photo 11 mm to wing apex


Ceraeochrysa (64 species) is primarily Neotropical, with a handful of species making it into the United States and one into Canada. In this genus the gena ("cheek") is unmarked; the scape (antennal base) has a red stripe or is red overall. Larvae construct a protective shield of sucked-dry prey and other detritus that they carry over their backs. The insect shown here is consistent with C. cubana, a common species found from Florida into tropical South America. Confident ID would require dissection of the genitalia, however.

Photo location: Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize.

Determined by Dr. Peter Duelli, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, and Dr. Catherine Ann Tauber, professor emeritus, Cornell University.

Ceraeochrysa cf. cubana, lacewing photo from Belize

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