Dendroleon obsoletus

Spotted Antlion
Dendroleon obsoletus, Antlion adult

Family: Myrmeleontidae

Subfamily: Myrmeleontinae

Tribe: Dendroleontini

Length: 25-39 mm to the apex of the closed wings

Antlions can be a challenge to identify, but Dendroleon obsoletus is easier than most, with its hyaline wings and distinctive black spots. It ranges across much of the eastern United States.

The larvae of this species are reported to live "in dry tree holes."

The only other species in this genus is Dendroleon speciosum, found in western North America. In D. speciosum the spots are more numerous, and are smaller (among other differences) (Banks, 1927).

Dr. Norm Penny, California Academy of Sciences.

Dendroleon obsoletus, Antlion head

Map, Dendroleon obsoletus

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