Peruveleon dorsalis


Abatoleon dorsalis, Antlion image from North Carolina

Family: Myrmeleontidae

Subfamily: Myrmeleontinae

Tribe: Brachynemurini

Length: typically around 40 mm


Synonym: Abatoleon dorsalis

Penny's 1997 catalog of the Neuroptera, Megaloptera, and Raphidioptera of North America listed only two species in this genus. The species shown here, Peruveleon dorsalis, was reported only from Texas. Note, however, that this photograph was made in North Carolina.

The second species in Penny's catalog was Peruveleon indiges, recorded from Florida. The holotype male of P. indiges was collected in Haiti, while the holotype female was from Cuba

Determined by Dr. John Oswald, Texas A&M University.




Antlion, Abatoleon dorsalis, North Carolina

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