Agriacris tricristata

Tri-crested Lubber Grasshopper

Agriacris tricristata, Tri-crested Lubber Grasshopper photo from Panama


Family: Romaleidae

Family: Romaleinae


Roberts and Carbonell (1992) mention that this species was named twice, once from a male specimen, and once from a female. At the time, the two putative species were  placed in genus Xiphicera. When it was realized the two names applied to the same species, X. tricristata became the accepted name. The 1992 article states the other name was more useful and descriptive; it was X. octolunata. Indeed, no other species has the two pairs of four moonspots edged in black. The authors state having three pronotal crests is not unique to this species.

Agriacris tricristata is found in Panama and northern Colombia (Roberts and Carbonell 1992).

Photo data: 27 September 2019. Sansón, Darién, Panama.