Paroxya clavuliger

Olive-green Swamp Grasshopper

Paroxya clavuliger, Everglades image of the Olive-green Swamp Grasshopper

Family: Acrididae

Subfamily: Melanoplinae

Length: Males 20 - 33 mm. Females 29 - 46 mm


Paroxya clavuliger is a wetland species whose range is centered on the eastern United States.  It is also found north to Ontario and west to Texas.

Photo data: 31 October 2011. Everglades National Park, Dade County, Florida. A male is shown in the upper two photos, and a female in the bottom photo.

Paroxya clavuliger, the Salt Marsh Grasshopper (Olive-green Swamp Grasshopper)
Olive-green Swamp Grasshopper, Paroxya clavuliger, Florida image