Prob. near Omura congrua

Gaudy Grasshopper

Near Omura congrua, a Gaudy Grasshopper in the family Proscopiidae

Family: Pyrgomorphidae

Subfamily: Pyrgomorphinae


This unusual grasshopper was a puzzle to us. Thank-you to Dr. Kátia Matiotti, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, who provided the family ID.

With the family ID in hand, we looked at numerous Internet images and note a similarity with photos of Omura congrua, a fairly common species, but we don't assert that as an ID.

Photo data: 18 June 2014. On Solanum sp. foliage, Brokopondo district, Suriname.

This page is both the species page for Omura congrua and the family page for Pyrgomorphidae