Lubber Grasshoppers

Family Romaleidae

Romaleidae (the Lubber Grasshopper family) is primarily Neotropical, though a small number of species reach the southern and western United States. All told, the family is made up of 109 genera and 467 species. Recent molecular studies suggest that taxonomic changes may be in order, perhaps making the group into a subfamily of Acrididae, and redefining the limits of the Lubber Grasshoppers.

A characteristic of nearly all Lubbers is the presence of an immovable spine on inner and outer surfaces of the apex of the tibia. Most Romaleids are robust, and many have have short wings. The forewings are often brightly colored, and may have a reticulated pattern.

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Agriacris magnifica
Romalea microptera
Taeniopoda auricornis
Taeniopoda reticulata
Tropidacris collaris
Tropidacris cristata
Colpolopha obsoleta
Prionolopha serrata
Xyleus discoideus
Group Ophthalmolampae

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