Prisopus berosus

Sawtoothed Walkingstick

Prisopus berosus, Family Prisopodidae, photo from Costa Rica


Family: Prisopodidae

Subfamily: Prisopodinae

Length: 50 mm


The family Prisopodidae has a southern distribution, across Central and South America, South Africa, and South Asia.

The name of the family, subfamily, tribe, and genus derive from Latin nouns for saw and work: pris and opus.

Genus Prisopus is made up of 23 species distributed from Mexico to Chile, and in South Africa and South Asia.

The species shown here, Prisopus berosus, is found from southern Mexico to Panama. This is a fully winged stick insect, with the membranous hind wings considerably larger than the forewings.

Photo data: 29 May 2015. Tuis, Cartago province, Costa Rica.

Determined by Oskar Conle.

Costa Rica photo of Prisopus berosus, in Prisopodidae

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