Pseudophasma flavipes

Yellow-foooted Walkingstick

Order Phasmida, Pseudophasma flavipes, Yellow-footed Walkingsticks, Stick Insects photo from Guyane (French Guiana)


Family: Pseudophasmatidae

Subfamily: Pseudophasmatinae

Tribe: Pseudophasmatini

Length: insect in photo 49.5 mm


Pseudophasma is a genus made up of some 50 described species; undoubtedly others await description. Its range is Neotropical, from Nicaragua to Bolivia and Paraguay (Conle and Hennemann, 2012).

Chopard (1911) described P. flavipes from St. Laurent in French Guiana, and it sppears that all published records of the species are from French Guiana.

Photo location: Montsinéry, French Guiana.

Pseudophasma flavipes, Stick Insects in Order Phasmatodea

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