Stimulopalpus japonicus

Japanese Barklice

Tropical Barklice,  Stimulopalpus japonicus, image from West Virginia


Family: Amphientomidae

Subfamily: Amphientominae


This family has scales on the wings. In the genus, there are three ocelli forming a triangle in the middle of the frontal region (Mockford, 1993).

This species is the only one in the genus in North America. Mockford notes, "the species was introduced in the Washington, D.C. area about 1950, and has spread westward." These insects are found on rocks and on similar manmade objects such as bridge abutments.

Photo notes: Audra State Park, West Virginia (top and middle); Upshur County, West Virginia (bottom). The middle photo shows an immature.

Amphientomidae, Tropical Barklice, photo from West Virginia

Stimulopalpus japonicus on lichen, West Virginia photo

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