Polypsocus corruptus

Hairy-winged Barklice: Corrupt Barklouse

Polypsocus corruptus, Hairy-winged Barklice, West Virginia image


Family: Amphipsocidae

Subfamily: Amphipsocinae


In his handbook of Canadian and U.S. Psocoptera, Mockford (1993) indicates this is the only species in the genus in his study area. The genus is also a Neotropical one, with several species that look similar to P. corruptus.

In the main part of its range, this species is found from Iowa, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, south to Georgia and Alabama. Mockford (1993) states that Mexican barklice of this general appearance may prove to be P. corruptus. The species is also found along the west coast of North America, from British Columbia to Santa Cruz County, California. The eastern and western ranges are disjunct.

Photo location: Hacker's Creek, Upshur County, West Virginia.

Corrupted Barklouse, Polypsocus corruptus, photo from West Virginia

Polypsocus corruptus, West Virginia photo of Hairy-winged Barklice

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