Lichenomima sp.

Mouse-like Barklice

Lichenomima sp., Mouse-like Barklice, West Virginia photo


Family: Myopsocidae

Length in family: 3 - 5 mm to wing apex (at rest)


The nymphs of Mouse-like Barklice are sometimes found clustered together on tree trunks.

Mockford, in his handbook of Canadian and U.S. Psocoptera (1993) listed three described species in the genus: L. coloradensis, L. lugens, and L. sparsa. He noted that many eastern species are undescribed.

Mockford (1993) gave these key traits of the genus:

"Rs and M in hindwing joined by a crossvein. Distal piece of subgenital plate transverse, flat or slightly depressed on hind margin."

Photo location: Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia.

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