Allocapnia rickeri

Ricker's Stonefly

Allocapnia rickeri, Ricker's Stonefly, Small Winter Stonefl


Family: Capniidae

Length: insect in photo 4.2 mm


Allocapnia rickeri is named for Bill Ricker, an expert on Plecoptera who described or co-described 108 stonefly species beginning in 1935. His last paper describing new stoneflies came in 1997, and focused on species of the Yukon River.

Photo data: 31 March 2020. Beside the Tygart Valley River. Arden, Barbour County, West Virginia.

GPS data: 39.2126, -79.9825. Elevation 390 meters above sea level.

Also pictured on this site is an Allocapnia sp. from Upshur County, West Virginia.